Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Inquirer

Sunday's Inquirer had an article by David O'Reilly headlined "Chaput Emerging as Warrior-Bishop." I think it was a message to the archbishop to let him know that he was on probation. If he was too vocally Catholic the Inquirer was going to have to come after him. There were quotes from tame Catholics, Michael Sean Winters, Steve Krueger ("national director of Catholic Democrats" which the Inquirer says is a "liberal advocacy group for the poor") and Stephen Schneck. I feel bad for poor Leonard Swidler, a reliable tame Catholic for the Inquirer for so many years, and now forgotten by the paper he was always willing to serve. I thought it odd that Mr. O'Reilly said that the archbishop is "unlike anyone Philadelphia has seen since the mighty Cardinal Dennis Dougherty [sic] reigned more than 60 years ago." I'm surprised that Mr. O'Reilly had nothing bad to say about Cardinal Krol, who the Inquirer was always ready to insult when he was alive. He was too Catholic for the Inquirer, too.

The tone was not nearly as condescending and hostile as the Inquirer can be, and always was with Cardinal Krol. I am afraid that Archbishop Chaput is not going to take direction, and in the future it will be no more Mr. Nice Guy from Mr. O'Reilly.

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