Thursday, June 20, 2013

St. Joachim

Here's a sad fact I just discovered. The organization that the Catholic planning bureaucrats all belong to is the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development. They just had their annual convention in, of course, Fabulous Las Vegas. This organization establishes the ideology that allows the bureaucrats to identify the bad parishes that must be destroyed. See their Las Vegas agendaWell, just to make things stranger, their mailing address is right in the St. Joachim neighborhood. Zip Code 19149. 19149 is so close to the Bridge-Pratt El stop that I'd call it Frankford, but I know people up there take neighborhood borders seriously, and it might not actually be Frankford. Anyway, you can learn an awful lot about the beliefs and ideology of the church and school closers on their website. It seems that the people who got the ball rolling on the unjust decision to close St. Joachim may think they know a lot about the area. It is very strange that the mailing address of their organization is so close to one of their targets.

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